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Oh, for the love of God

English: Two Muslim women in colourful s (the ...

English: Two Muslim women in colourful s (the term for the Islamic headscarf) at an engagement party in . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love reading articles like, Saudi Female Judo Competitor Allowed to Wear Islamic Headscarf in Competition.  I’ve worked with international students for many years, and naturally my colleagues and I are eager to learn others’ cultures while engaging them with respectable behavior and dialogue.  For the most part, I have found our students to be extremely tolerant of our American culture, but just because they choose to visit or get educated in the US does not–should not–mean they have to “act” American.

And for the record, the “headscarf” is actually known as a “hijab,” a head covering Muslim women typically wear around men they’re not related to. It’s a modesty thing and a prominent part of their culture.

Before I backed out of the article, I decided to read the comments section. Though I was not surprised whatsoever what awaited me, I am particularly struck with the number of neanderthals who will use any forum to opine their ugly, mean-spirited and downright racist sentiments:

For gods sakes! Can’t she just take the damn thing off a match, How draconian, brainwashed

We certainly wouldnt want to offend the muslims. Let change the name to the Sharia Olympics and make them even more happier ,,,,,,,,,,BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Again, we let them get their way…are ;you kidding me? I am so tired of letting them have their own way. Why don’t we just let them take over the country? Because what they want, they get…bunch of big cry babies…she will probably end up getting hurt from it falling off her head or hurting someone else…

I don’t know or care where these jerks are commenting from, but I would bet my morning cup of coffee these are Americans using MSN.com  to blast their venomous rantings. It’s little wonder that those from outside the US consider many of us Americans to be redneck idiots who don’t know what we’re talking about and choose instead to spew our uneducated–and unwarranted– vitriol.

Then I came to the Really. Really. Mean comments:

Have you seen that woman’s face? Now I know why the Arabs keep the face s of their women covered. If my marriage were arranged and I had to marry that. I force her to cover her face , also. Now it seems so clear. They don’t fear another will covet their wife, they faer another will laugh.

And how about this:

she sure is purdy!! at what age do they’re women actually start shaving their facial hair? ….mow i know why they wear the scarf!!

How can anyone say such cruel things. Bullies, the lot of them, who think so little of themselves that they must put down others, especially women.  Maybe if they took the time to educate themselves on others’ cultures, we would all be spared this hate speech that should not find a home on a major website. Wow, way to make Americans look ugly.

I would love to write more on the subject, but I am too incensed to do anything except create an account on MSN’s website to reply to some of these haters and maybe get their comments removed. Please feel free to join me, oh you awesome, educated and tolerant Wordpress peeps. Let’s stick up for Wojdan Ali Seraj Abdulrahim Shaherkani, Muslim women, all women, and all citizens of the planet.

Maa alsalamah  for now.


5 comments on “Oh, for the love of God

  1. franceskakugawa
    July 31, 2012

    When the book The Ugly American was published, it exposed the ugly Americans traveling on foreign soil: Americans who travel with their ignorance, insensitivity and inhumanity toward humanity. These comments make me realize…of course, the Ugly American eventually returns home and here they are. I can appreciate a discussion of cultural practices and beliefs vs the Olympic rules, but these personal attacks insult the rest of us, and most of all, the source from where they come.

    • Jane
      July 31, 2012

      I agree: a respectful discussion is always very much appreciated. However, I can’t think of a single reason why anyone would be opposed to this woman wearing her hibab. What does it matter, as long as it’s not endangering others. I have a feeling, though, that certain “haters” are always looking for ways to spread their message…I’ve been seeing it all too often on Facebook, which is why I’ve stepped away from that particular arena of public opinion. Thanks so much for reading and leaving such a thoughtful comment 🙂 Jane

      • Jane
        July 31, 2012


  2. Bitter en Zoet
    July 31, 2012

    so glad you wrote this post. Having lived in Bahrain for nearly seven years and having worked in saudi, the situtation is not simplistic, and I’m glad to see someone speak up in a non black and white way.

    • Jane
      July 31, 2012

      Thank you for your comment. To people like you and me, it is very black and white. Working with international students has found me more sensitive to this issue than most, I’m sure. Plus, those horrible comments those jerks made about this woman’s face. Wow. That really blew me away. Jane

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